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Monsoon hacks for pets

Monsoon hacks for pets
The most favourite season of pets, reason they have more heat in their body as compared to humans so they find this season cool and soothing for them. There are some precautions that we should take regarding our lovely soulmates.
Raincoats, yes they are essential they cover their body and fur from getting wet which may not cause any itching after getting wet their fur remains protected and it also avoids stinking. Every pet has a habit of jumping into potholes or puddles but raincoats cover their whole body which cover their lower portion too and protects genital areas from mud and other bacteria.     Paws? Shoes and socks can protect paws but its bit difficult task so easy way is to clean and check their paws regular after they come home from outside. Ensure that it’s dry and if it’s not then chances of tics are more to make home in their paws. Also various paw balms are available which treat their paws from roughness and stop entering tics in their paw gaps. It …
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Where does motivation come from ?

Where does motivation come from ?  

Motivation plays an essential role in our lives. Many a times we visit counsellors or psychologist to manage or solve our problems. Why do we go? And what they basically do? Motivate us, correct? But have we ever tried to study ourselves? No, one can find motivation in himself and herself. How? Scroll down. -Lifehacks for motivation

1. Nature the best motivator. Have you ever observed a tree or plant? Yes it’s obvious. How do they deal with all the climates without making an excuse or reason? They stand still, firm and have a thought in a mind that they have to do and they will and they do. They have rule in their life that one should learn to deal with every situation every problem and stay motivated at every moment without having a thought that ‘I can’t do’. One should always say ‘I will do’. A tree without brains according to we humans teaches us a simple lesson to ‘stay strong’.
2. We often visit shores what do we do there? Click some pictures, eat …
Summer Facts About Your Pets

Summer is the season mainly disliked by pets so its our duty to make their summers interesting and cool. So this are the basic things which one should follow to keep their pets cool and which are as follows..

Life Hacks to Keep Pets Cool
If you are feeding them non veg daily like egg, chicken, fish or more treats [ all treats mainly contain this all ingredients] so this will lead to more heat generation in their body so our very first step is avoid this food and give them light food such as their pet food or we can also give them Dalia [mixture of rice and dal preferably for dogs] twice a day and very important thing “water” we should have a look how much water are they consuming and keeping their body hydrated.You must have observed, they prefer cool places to sit and sleep such as near the bathroom or in the bathroom or else they spill water and spread all over the place and sit on it. We very well know that moist skin leads to tics, lice so to avoid thi…
Moody Pets

There is no difference between mental and physical processes of humans and animals. Moods are mostly affected because of seasonal and bodily changes. Pets can’t say anything but they can convey their feelings through gestures. So this is the basic things which tell us about change in their moods and how should we help them to feel better.
Life Hack for Handling Moody Pets Ball and bones are loved by every pet they never say no to these two things but if you observe they aren’t attracted to this objects that means there is something wrong with their health or mood. So it is our duty to divert their mind and make them feel active. We can make handmade toys for them by using cloth, paper and other things which can attract them.Love can heal anything stress, boredom, anxietyso if we get a know that they are feeling low or there are certain changes in their mood we should rub their ears, hug them, play with them. Talk to them and feed them with their favorite treats..There is no p…